WHMCS Intergration into your existing website and our control panel

We are offering a full range of WHMCS Services, from Installation, Upgrades, Integration, Configuration, Payment Gateway Configuration, and Much more. Integrating WHMCS automates the need to create, manage, invoice and suspending unpaid accounts, saving you time and money to concentrate on other things that you should be doing, thus increasing ... Read More »

21st Sept 2021
Wordpress Installation Services and Devleopment Services available from HostworX

We are now offering a full range of WordPress services, installation, maintenance, integration and development services for those clients that do not have the time to maintain and monitor their WordPress websites. Many clients have had a WordPress website developed for them, once developed the website is not maintained leading to websites that ... Read More »

21st Sept 2021
Hosted PBX and VOIP Services now available

We have great news for those who want to get rid of their fixed line telephone services, we now offer Cloud Hosted PBX solutions and VOIP Accounts. This will cut down your costs to all fixed line and cellphone providers locally an internationally. Choose a solution to suit your requirements. Select from small per minute accounts to large per ... Read More »

21st Sept 2021
Home / Premium Uncapped Fibre to the home

Go all out with Premium Uncapped data. This service is custom built for the power user to allow unlimited streaming, gaming and browser downloads. HostworX provides very high speed bandwidth and capacity, ensuring a seamless internet experience and reaching speeds of up to 1Gbps if you so choose.Optic fibre is the latest and most efficient medium ... Read More »

27th Feb 2019